If a Buyer returns my art, how do I arrange a refund to them? 

Art Collector operates a 14 day returns policy with full refund for the artwork.  The original shipping cost is non-refundable, but we will arrange for the return shipping cost to be paid by us.  Refunds will be credited back to the Buyers account within 7 days of the art being returned to the Seller in its original, undamaged packaging.

How can I make the most of Art Collector's special discounted collections and delivery service?

Art Collector and all our artists have access to a specially arranged delivery and insurance policy with Parcelforce for delivery throughout the UK and Europe.  All items are packaged by the artist and sent by secured delivery direct to the Buyer. Deliveries are arranged during the day, generally between 9am and 6pm.  If you have express delivery requirements, please select your preferences at the checkout.

Can Buyers "make me an offer" (if they love the art but it is a bit too expensive for their budget)?

Yes, Buyers can make you an offer using the Contact Artist link on each artists profile page. 

When does Art Collector pay Artists?

After the art has been delivered from the studio to the Buyer, the Buyer has up to 14 days to return the art.  Payments to artists are therefore made during the week following the 14 day returns policy.

How do I pack my art for shipping?

The packaging of art for shipment is super important!  The Buyer will be excitedly awaiting their new art delivery.  It needs to arrive entact!  Wherever possible, try not to send art framed using glass.

For paintings on canvas: Wrap the canvas once in paper or bubble wrap.  Then take two pieces of light MDF board cut to the canvas size and sandwich them either side of the artwork.  Protect the four corners with heavy duty card corners and wrap the whole in bubble wrap or plastic sheet. 

For works on paper and textiles: Large works can be loosely rolled and wrapped with a protective paper before being fitted into a large card tube.  Choose the largest width tube avaiable so that the art is not squashed.  Fit the plastic tube ends and make it water tight by taping over each plastic end.  For smaller works, use card envelopes or sandwich the art between two layers of heavy duty card, cover in bubble wrap or plastic sheet to protect it from rain and tape all sides.

For ceramics and sculpture: Take a large card box, fill it with solid polystyrene.  Cut the polystyrene in half.  In each half, carve out a shape for your ceramic to nest in.  Put the two halves together and tape around the outside of the polystyrene lengthways and over the width. Place the polystyrene in the box and secure the whole with tape.  Write "Fragile" on the outside of the box on several sides in large writing.